Backup and Recovery

The Data-Protection Challenge

What would happen if you suddenly lost all of your data?

The loss of data can be devastating to an organization. How would your company recover if years of data simply disappeared?  Although data can be the most valuable asset to an organization, it’s often the least protected, putting you business at risk.

Element IT Solution’s Backup and Recovery services provide backup and data protection services designed for laptops, distributed servers, remote campuses, business units, data centers and enterprise-wide systems.


The Right Backup Solution For Your Needs

One size never fits all. Element IT Solutions can customize the perfect backup solution for you.

  1. Replication Services

    Replication Services targets data protection for the most critical business operations that support revenue growth, productivity and cost of goods sold. Ensuring recovery time within minutes, data replication technologies provided by intelligent storage are used to enhance data availability and integrity. Point-in-time copies deliver rapid data restoration, supporting nonintrusive backups with immediate copies of large data volumes – all without affecting normal business operations.

  2. Remote Backup Service (RBS)

    Remote Backup Service (RBS) is an automated backup service supporting geographically dispersed small to medium file servers, which are backed up to a managed central repository. RBS provides encryption, de-duplication and incremental backups.

  3. Mobile Information Protection (MIP)

    Mobile Information Protection (MIP) provides managed desktop and laptop backups for data restoration anytime, anywhere. Through automated processes, end-users can restore data in the event computer data is damaged, lost or stolen – all within a matter of hours. Features include self-service restores, encryption, single instance store, incremental backups, easy online enrollment, online updates and scalability from a few users to the entire enterprise.


Backup and Restore Features Include:

  • Full integration with our Storage Management services for primary storage
  • Archive and Compliance services for long-term data retention and retrieval
  • Replication services, designed with local and remote options to protect the most demanding and crucial information by creating duplicate copies at one or more locations
  • Remote Backup services to automate distributed servers
  • Encrypted backups over the network to a central backup location with quick, consistent recovery